A passionate mechanic & passionate trucker at work for EUROPART

4. April 2019

A decommissioned box semi-trailer, a haulage contractor with a seemingly impossible task, a workshop professional who accepts any challenge and a parts dealer with a great passion for the commercial vehicle business – these are the ingredients for an exciting video documentary, which EUROPART will produce in the months ahead and publish online at www.vollblut.net as well as on Facebook and other social media channels.

First episode:

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Daniel Schewe & Nico Fischer

It sounds like an almost unmanageable task confronting the transport entrepreneur Daniel Schewe, known from the DMAX documentary series Asphalt-Cowboys, and his friend, workshop operator Nico Fischer from Hagen: In just four months, a rundown box semi-trailer will be transformed into a chic event trailer with all the trimmings. Commercial vehicle professional Nico Fischer accepts the challenge. In front of the camera, passionate trucker Schewe and passionate mechanic Fischer disassemble the old trailer, improve axles and brakes, repair the air-lines and electrical system, and step by step transform the superstructure into a mobile stage.
As EUROPART CEO Olaf Giesen states:

Passionate truckers and passionate mechanics such as Daniel Schewe and Nico Fischer are the ones who make the impossible possible in everyday life with transport operations and the workshop, and ensure that despite occasional technical faults and breakdowns, the goods we all need on a daily basis are delivered reliably and on time. It is this passion that connects us with our customers. With the ‚Vollblut‘ project we would like to acknowledge the special achievements of all workshop professionals and their customers in the transport industry.

Challange accepted

With Nico Fischer and Daniel Schewe, EUROPART has not only been able to gain two long-standing customers from the local area around the main office in Hagen, but also two protagonists who have a lot of experience with unusual challenges. For example, Nico Fischer has won several rally raid championships as a rally driver and as ‚car chief‘ he was also the head of a team of racing mechanics in the European Truck Race Championship. As the 39-year-old workshop and vehicle construction professional states,

Every challenge appeals to me, and the bigger the challenge, the greater the appeal. We have already built a number of vehicles for the Truck Grand Prix, but never a complete semi-trailer on the scale of a show and party truck.

Presentation at the Truck Grand Prix

EUROPART is not only the source of inspiration for the unusual campaign in the field of mechanics under the slogan ‚Vollblut‘. Europe’s leading dealer for commercial vehicle parts and workshop supplies also provides the spare parts that are required, e.g. brakes, compressed air valves and electrical components. It also supplies tools, lubricants, rust removers and other workshop supplies from the extensive EUROPART product range. EUROPART wants to use the finished show trailer as a show stage and for training sessions at the Truck Grand Prix (at the Nürburgring between 18th – 21st July 2019) as well as other events.

Whether the project is completed on time and if we have to buy 1,000 liters of beer – you can see here on this blog!

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